A kickass song of the album Leviathan by American metal band Mastodon. Was featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Saints Row, Rocksmith 2014, Project Gotham Racing 3, Splatterhouse and Guitar Hero Metallica in addition to the film The Big Short.
Dude: you got any good music man!?
Bro: yeah I do, Mastodon's Blood and Thunder!
Dude: hell yeah dude, blast that!
by Mastodonrox February 7, 2016
When a girl releases a queef on her period causing a loud thunder while releasing blood.
Dude did she sit in blood? Nah man she just had some blood thunder.
by tardefinition May 21, 2020
1. you fill a coffin with blood, and a dead person
2. you go in the coffin filled with blood and get buried under 6 feet of soil.
3. you have sex with the dead person in the blood.
4. you starve to death, after feeding on the dead person for a bit...
you kill someone, then have sex with them in a coffin filed with blood...then die! this is blood thunder
by Jon Bell July 29, 2006