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Where dreams come true
"IHOP is where I lost my virginity"
by undispute July 30, 2008

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A mirror is someone who really doesnt have a personality of their own so they find someone to copy and mimic them. This can range from clothing to speech and even hobbies. You might think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in this case it isnt
"Dude why is that guy wearing MY t shirt how did he even get it?"
"I dont know man he just a mirror."
by undispute April 29, 2008

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This was quoted by the legendary Jackie Chan in his movie "Snake Fist in Eagle's Shadow." In simple terms it means "Come on you fucka let's go right now!"
"So you think you know kung fu, huh?" I said.
Then I snapped his leg and farted in his face while yelling "Hadoken!"
by undispute May 13, 2008

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An irritating rich kid who believes that he is the best thing since porno. These people often tend to make incredibly lame jokes usually consisting of "April Fools!" Of course the only person who laughs at it is themselves
"Hey dude you're not gay. April Fools!"
"Man shut the fuck up, fole."
by undispute May 13, 2008

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Idiots who tell others how to do their job when they arent even in the same company much less the same department usually found hanging out by dumpsters to pester well meaning people who try to earn a living
"That elfuc told me I have to use the Ajax for the windows..."
"Shes fucking with all the people now."
"Maybe she needs the peoples elbow to shut her up."
by Undispute June 13, 2008

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Used to describe people who enjoy a cats and love to hear other peoples memos or rants (depending on the person ranting)
The Cheecake complained the whole way back about how the cat looked hungry
by undispute May 08, 2008

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A woman who plays with people with no intention of doing anything with them sexual or even as friends (aka a bitch)
"I swear if that jyo didnt have a pussy I would kick her where she should have one."
by Undispute July 30, 2008

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