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one of those large transformer blocks that usually comes with many consumer electronics, and usually takes up more than one plug, because it's so big
Unplug that wall wart right now, before your mother sees you
by ubernostrum April 06, 2005

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a really shitty car. Often seen by the side of the road.
Thusnelda drives a gelapi to school.
by ubernostrum August 15, 2005

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an abbreviation for gay / str8 / bi, often used in instant messages

q: so, what ru GSB?
a: S
by ubernostrum December 29, 2005

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a substance that squirts from a tube like a caulk gun, such as sealer, glue, or, of course, caulk.
put a squirt of lettuce on that drawer to keep it stuck together
by ubernostrum June 15, 2004

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