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A term used by used by carnies to describe an disgruntled outsider (usually a small town local) who is no longer fooled and has realized he is being scammed by a rigged game.
"I think this Rube is wise to us."
by TZer0 August 26, 2009
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You may have thought an RPG was a Role-Playing-Game, or even a Rocket Propelled Grenade. Something fired at tanks, or clustered into an IED. And you'd have been right.

But no longer.

Now it's a Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, or Ridiculously Photogenic Girl. People who have the BSE. The Barney Stinson Effect! Someone who, no matter what situation they are in, are pathologically incapable of taking a Bad Photo,
Did you see so & so fall down the stairs yesterday?

See it!?! I snapped I pic, and that Robot is an RPG!!!
by TZer0 April 06, 2013
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A commercial in with the food looks delicious, until you realize the restaurant the commercial is for always serves substandard food.
"That sure looks good!"

"Yeah why don't we go there?"

"Aww, it's at Denny's."

"Darn! Sucked in by the Red Lobster Effect again.
by TZer0 June 23, 2013
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The thing you get when you leave a beer in the freezer too long. Because beer has alcohol and is under pressure it's freezing point is lowered from 32 to 22 degrees. So it can me left in the freezer for over twenty minutes with no problem. Creating a super cold beer.

But if you leave it too long and then try to drink it quickly then stop suddenly the release of CO2 gas drops the beer below it's freezing point and turns the rest of the beer in the can to slush.
"Aww Man...I got a Slusho."
by TZer0 October 11, 2012
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The force that keeps the trash that accumulates in the trashcan when you've forgotten to replace the bag and try to dump it into the new bag.
"If I could harness all the Anti-gravity from all the trashcans in the world I'd have a flying car by now!
by TZer0 November 06, 2013
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When two girls have a fight, without actually speaking to each other, usually through expressions, speaking to a third person or glaring at each other when no one is looking.
Did you see the glances exchanged between Ari and Daena over Leo? What a Psychic Catfight!
by TZer0 November 23, 2015
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When a professional athlete spouts the obvious using old tired Sports cliche BS because he's been asked a question by a reporter and an answer is required so they have something to show on the evening news about the team. Often punctuated with Uhhs, and You knows.
Usually goes something like this . . .

"Uhh... I feel if our offence can score more points than the other team, you know?, and our defense can, uhh... keep them from scoring more points than us, uhh... we should be able to win next Sunday."

"Obviously that player is just Sportin' Shite because he has nothing to say."
by TZer0 November 04, 2009
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