The force that keeps the trash that accumulates in the trashcan when you've forgotten to replace the bag and try to dump it into the new bag.
"If I could harness all the Anti-gravity from all the trashcans in the world I'd have a flying car by now!
by TZer0 November 6, 2013
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Opposite to a gravity invite. It is where someone is so hideous or unpopular that he/her and anyone in their general area automatically become uninvited by default.
Craig: Greg, who else should I invite to my party?
Greg: What about her in the short shorts.
Craig: Who? Gurtree? That fat bitch?!!! Yuck! No way! In fact now that I think of it, I am uninviting all those around her- Jeff, Felicity, T-dawg, Gavin and Susan.
Greg: What about Paul the rapist? He is over there...
Craig: No. I like that kid, there's something about him.
T-dawg: Yo man, why you gotta go ahead and disinvite a brother like that?
Craig: Greg said you ear-fucked Gurtree..
T-dawg: Man, thats nasty. Why you gotta spread shit like that Greg?

Greg: I didnt say that I....
T-dawg: Save it man, I get it your just a player hater... screw this I'm gonna go hang with my man Paul...
T-dawg to Paul: Man can you beleive I got an anti-gravity invite all because of that screw up Greg?
Paul: Dont worry, Im going to butt-fuck him on friday...
by Hsoj!!! August 25, 2009
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