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A police bust involving few drugs of small aggregate value, which is nonetheless newsworthy, because the suspects are students at a prestigious college.
"Operation Ivy Leauge netted seven people including upwards of $11,000 in drugs (street value)." The students. who were near graduation with useful degrees fighting cancer, etc. are expected to be expelled summarily expelled and barred from advancing their careers in science, so that the NYPD can shine it's end of year numbers.
by truthtellerz February 1, 2011
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1. n. Like "butt buddy," but in this case only the butt buddy or butt buddies themselves are allowed to say it.

2. n. An alternative for "fag," which is not confused with European cigarettes or sticks.

3. idiomatic. "Just slap me, ok?"
Marcus: Raymond and I are "ass niggers."
Steve: What's an "ass nigger?"
Marcus: I can't believe you said that shit to me! Get the fuck out of my house!
by truthtellerz November 1, 2010
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Sometimes spelled Zeehadi or Xihadi, refers to radicalized social-justice gender-benders.
After the videotaped beheading of two tourists scandalized the Midwestern world, several Xehadi groups denied any personal responsibility for the attacks on Tumblr, including one which we were able to translate from Uptalk at time of publishing:"We and our allies feel, um like it would be best if we like resisted resist acts of literal violence committed by imperialist Western Fuckboissic 'maybe? (Several voices heard laughing, effeminately.) They like totally enable a culture of invalidating our existence and we have to fight them. It's 2019 already."
A second and third voices are heard off camera laughing effeminately chanting "Death to cis-garbled scum)! Ghostbusters 2 was a great movie! and Third voice: Lena Dunham-hu-akbar!" Analysts believe acolytes of Xihad or persons sympathetic to extremist social-justice beliefs lured the unsuspecting men into a no-bro-zone in Brooklyn after plying them with intoxicants on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A travel warning remains in effect for Americans visiting the East Coast according to the State Department. Travelers are advised to stay together, avoid no-bro zones and observe caution if they decide to visit the East Coast.
by truthtellerz January 28, 2019
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militant gender, grammar bending ideology marked by the use of the made-up pronoun Xe.
Militant Xehadism is becoming a huge problem in Chicago. You can lose your job if you don't pretend to believe in some convoluted gender theory
by truthtellerz January 29, 2019
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