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To make a right turn, the opposite of "hanging a louie" or left turn.
At the next set of lights, hang a ricky, then go two blocks and hang a louie.
by tribalbear78 May 06, 2010

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A homosexual of Mexian origin.
That mexican guy at the park kept staring at Dave and Tom. I think he was a taco puff.
by tribalbear78 April 17, 2010

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The result of the German influence or mexican music, such as the accordian and tuba.
I can't sleep 'cause those damn Mexicans upstairs keep playing that Spolka music all night long!
by tribalbear78 April 06, 2010

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The act of fending for ones self for a meal in a multi-person home
"My wife had to work late lastnight, so I had to dine al fende."
by tribalbear78 March 21, 2010

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