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The rival of the Ninja Fart. Unlike the Ninja Fart, the Samurai Fart is done with purpose, honor, and intent of nasel destruction. The Samurai Farter always annoucnes the upcomming gas attack with a loud battlecry.

Jim: What?

Alexis: *Farts*

Jim: WTF was that?

Alexis: Most honorable Samurai Fart
by totallynotchris March 08, 2010

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A Crunch is a serious bowel movement. A bowel movement so fierce and powerful that it becomes less of a simple action and more of an event. One's day can be completely centered around the acting of a crunch, such a time is referred to as Crunch Time.
Nick: Oh God...

Justin: What?

Nick: I feel it coming...

Justin: What?

Nick: OMG! Where's your bathroom?!

Justin: Over there...why?

Nick: It's coming!

Justin: What's coming?!

by Totallynotchris March 27, 2010

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The art of walking behind someone and stepping on the last quarter inch of their shoe's heel so that as the person in front of you continues to walk they are forced into an awkward stumble caused by the sudden deceleration of the heel of their shoe.
*Spins Around* I swear to God! If you don't stop Heel Clipping me right now, I'm going to put my foot, heel deep in your asshole!
by totallynotchris March 08, 2010

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When somone uses a quote from someone/something else as an update on facebook, twitter, or some other live internet feed. It is usually (although not always) a quote from a song that the quoutdater believes makes them seem deep and creative, although in reality it makes them seem like an uncreative douche that listens to too much Linkin Park.
BOB SMITH "time is a valuable thing, Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings, Watch it count down to the end of the day, The clock ticks life away"

SAM ROBERTS thinks Bob needs to do an UPDATE and not a freaking Quotedate for once.
by totallynotchris March 08, 2010

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A beaner in the disguise of a huge green hulking man
ANYONE: "Oh my god! Look over there, Shlion is jumping over that fence into our country!"

UNCLE SAM: "Not on my watch! (takes out shotgun)"
by totallynotchris November 07, 2009

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When you see a certain pie and determine that it is 100% necessary that, "dat pie" be in your possession. No other pie will do as long as "dat pie" remains within your line of sight. Horrible horrible events will undoubtedly unfold in the event that "dat pie" is not yours very soon.
"Hey Nick, what one of these pies do you want?"

"I don't want one of those pies Justin, I want Dat Pie!"

"But...that's MY pie"

"Not anymore, Dat Pie is my pie now!"

by totallynotchris March 17, 2010

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A gathering of retards or fuckheads
and here we see a prime example of a classic Clusterfuckle, notice how the retards congregate around the local watering hole.
by totallynotchris June 25, 2010

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