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An expression of praise, respect, or positive acknowledgement made by a black person, typically directed at a white person.
"I got mad blackolades for wearing my green New Balance trainers to the Pete Rock show"
by Toomuchflystyles May 20, 2008

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Noun. Displaying ninja-like qualities and abilities - being stealthy, deft, silent and having cat-like reflexes - especially in everyday life.

See also skillz.
How did you score us such a good table? This place is lined up to the tits.

- Dude, it took some serious ninjitude.
by toomuchflystyles June 14, 2011

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An atmosphere created by the presence of black people in a place or environment.
"The Jurassic-5 show was dope, but there wasn't much nubience in the crowd."
by Toomuchflystyles May 21, 2008

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n. Someone who intrudes upon, invades or disrupts - often covertly - the photograph of another. Snapjacking can be accomplished by facial expressions, hand signs or gestures, and in certain cases, handwritten signs.

See photobomber, photobombing
Nice vacation pics.

- Yeah, but some snapjacker ruined my two best ones. Fucker.
by toomuchflystyles July 13, 2011

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