a "literally me character" is a character in which filmbros identify, some examples of literally me characters are:
Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, Ryan Gosling in Drive, Tyler Durden in Fight Club
if a filmbro tells you that he really is like one of these characters RUN
FILMBRO: omg, Tyler Durden is literally me, we are the same person!
by yo:) April 15, 2022
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When a person sees a "sigma" character and embraces their personality to the point that they think they are literally them
by Bigchumpo June 11, 2023
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No, motherfucker... I wrote the goddamn words that they say...

Hym “No no no motherfucker. I’m not being hyperbolic. When I say a character is literally me... I mean, I literally wrote the shit that they character says and/or am the impetus behind the character’s creation. Like... When Arthur Fleck says ‘What do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a society that does nothing but abuse him? You get what you deserve!’ I say that it is me because I WROTE THAT. I wrote it in direct response to a statement made by a radio host about school shooters and ‘why they don’t just kill themselves’ and I wrote if HERE! Before the movie came out. No one had ever spoke that combination of words before me. The reason Homelander asks that PR rep a question and says ‘NOT RHETORICAL’ or when speaking about Black Noir says ‘He was worth more than all of you’ is because I WROTE THAT.
And the REASON he says the shit I wrote is because I said that I would be ‘Narcissistic Superman.’ The reason this other character watch to move to a certain city to start a new life is because I LIVE IN THAT CITY (Almost) and EVERYONE KNOWS WHO I AM. The REASON Gaku Yoneda speaks about humanities ‘Noble march towards entropy’ is because I WROTE THAT MONOLOGUE. He included me because I wrote a breakdown of his previous work and he must have liked it. About Kira’s downfall not being the result of his hubris but expecting his level of competence from an underling and the cultural significance of washing your enemies feet in Japan. He must have seen it. He must have liked it. The reason Goblin Slayer says ‘Souka’ in response to everything and is the way he is, is because I said I was like that and used to say ‘I see’ a lot. There is shit based on this. I relate to the character. YOU are COMPELLED by the character. You are compelled because I am compelling. My rhetoric is used by a multitude of people in a multitude of domains. I’m the guy who writes the shit your favorite psychologist says sometimes. Like.... some of them characters you like are LITERALLY ME. You guys are blowing me with that shit! Damn....”
by Hym Iam November 23, 2022
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