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A man from Junction City ,Oh that was never good enough to marry you in the first place. One that you equally hated for your whole marriage, but never cheated on and waited on him hand and foot. Who continually fucked people you knew even though you are hot and they were not comparable to your financial success , education or beauty. Who convinced you that you had trust issues and tried to make you insecure. A 30 year old man born on November 19, 1978, that has been seen crying in your front yard to see you, and that has a crooked dick.
by Thirdtimesacharm September 06, 2010
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A person who has no regard for anyones feelings but their own, one that is unable to wrap their mind around being accountable for their actions. A person whose basic genetic make-up is comparable to ejaculatory material.
Mr.Young has had multiple affairs and continues to deny the accusations after being caught red -handed, his wife calls him a jizz-wad.

Mrs.Young began to refer to her husband as a jizz-wad after his most recent affair with Stacy.
by thirdtimesacharm September 08, 2010
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A person that you would like to beat until their gray matter is on the sidewalk.
The most beatiful woman decided that her husband's girlfriend would make the perfect gray matter canidate, so the most beautiful woman kicked her ass in the church parking lot.
by thirdtimesacharm September 08, 2010
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