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A monster taming game that many claim digimon ripped of. And while digimon might have ripped off pokemon (as pokemon first came along in 1996, and digimon in 1997), pokemon was not the first with the monster taming idea. In fact monster taming was there long before pokemon. An earlier game that features monster taming is Dragon Quest 5, which was released for the super famicom in 1992.
Guy: "Dude, pokemon totally ripped of digivolving with mega evolution."
Friend 1: "Oh well, digimon ripped off pokemon first."
Friend 2: "You do know the idea of monster taming in games was around long before digimon and pokemon right? Pokemon and digimon are only the popular ones."
by thetittyniner December 28, 2016
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Someone who is pure trash, who pisses you off, who really doesn't deserve to live.
Donald Trump is GarbageFuck
by thetittyniner February 12, 2016
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A sex position in which two females lick or suck each others tits at the same time. Similar to the sex position sixty nine
Hey dude, I was watching some great lesbian porn last night. These two super hot bitches were doing the Titty-Nine
by thetittyniner August 17, 2015
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