A cancer to Pokémon that murders skill and the reason you should stop playing competitively after it all peaked in Generation 5.

They initially started out as fan-service to Genwunner degenerates, since there are more Kanto Mega Evolutions in general, as well as 2 Mega Evolutions each for Charizard and Mewtwo (the two most overrated Pokémon out there), only falling short to Hoenn, but only because Hoenn had remakes during Generation 6.

Mainly people who have no skill use them, and it always get them wins since they're so broken you don't have to put any actual effort into training or using them. Since they've started to dominate online play, it forces everyone else to become a cheap-ass and use them too, to the point of neglecting the Z-moves introduced in Generation 7.
"Goddammit! I'd be able to beat your weak ass if you'd stop whipping out your filthy fucking Mega Evolutions like you do your dick! You know what? Fuck this, I'm going back to SoulSilver."
by Birs the Mango June 17, 2017
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