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derogatory slang for normal
jonni you wierdo why are you being nimla?
by themicrophone June 01, 2005
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a shite hole 7miles off blackburn, there nearest rivals. Burnley always try and compete with blackburn, especially in football, but never seem to succeed. Above it says that rovers cant maintain a decent position in the leagus even though our subs are the price of burnleys whole team:
1) burnleys team must obviously be shit
2) blackburn are still in the premiership so they cant be that bad

Burnley haven't caught up with the rest of the world yet, surviving on their local produce of cabbage.

And yes it is true, the league of gentlemen has been based on burnley (the inbred scum)
Your mums your dad
Your dads your mum
Your interbred
You Burnley Scum
by themicrophone June 03, 2005
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means normal - sarcastically lol. as in WEIRDO
oh my god jonni you nimla-cat
by themicrophone June 01, 2005
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