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A nickname used by the Dead by Daylight community for The Cannibal, and by the Texas Chainsaw Massacre community for Leatherface. Both are referring to Bubba Sawyer, the main antagonist of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films, and a playable killer in Dead by Daylight.
Also the most common killer that people use to facecamp in Dead by Daylight.
Dude, the Bubba is facecamping Dwight.
Shit dude, we better get the generators done fast!

Have you seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre films?
Yeah dude, Bubba was terrifying.
by themashtyx May 18, 2023
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"The Exact Moment Walt Becomes Heisenberg," or "The Moment Walter White Became Heisenberg" is a cliché phrase or statement made by fans of the criminal drama series Breaking Bad, used to define the exact moment the main protagonist Walter White supposedly "breaks bad" and truly becomes his criminal alter ego, Heisenberg. While the general consensus is that he did not truly become Heisenberg during one specific scene, and that it was a gradual change and series of events that turned him into Heisenberg, the statement has been consistently used unironically by fans of the series for many years in Breaking Bad-related discussions.

It is often used on heavy scenes, such as when Walter watches Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend, Jane, choke to death rather than helping her, or when he threatens two meth dealers into avoiding Walter's "territory."

In the late 2010's, the phrase often started being used on light-hearted scenes, such as scenes from the episode "Fly," or when he gives advice to a junkie in a convenience store.

"The Exact Moment Walt Becomes Heisenberg" is also Breaking Bad's very own phrase or statement used by its fans in an attempt to sound smart and sophisticated in their television show knowledge. Every piece of media has something like this.
Dude, did you know this was The Exact Moment Walt Becomes Heisenberg?
Oh Jesus Christ, shut the fuck up.
by themashtyx May 19, 2023
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The act of hooking a survivor in Dead by Daylight, and then staring at them until they die.
In the case that the survivor is unhooked by a teammate, the Killer will usually tunnel them and hook them again, continuing to facecamp if it is the survivor's second hook.
Shit, the Killer is facecamping me!
by themashtyx May 18, 2023
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