having the killer, being the truly skillful player that they are, stare at you while you are hooked until you either:
A). Get saved, at which point you will be immediately downed and hooked, until the sweet, sweet release of death occurs
B). Get blessed by unhooking yourself only to have the second half of option A happen

C). Die while your teammates either watch or continue to do generators
As previously mentioned, only the skilled players can achieve this godly technique
We gotta get the generators done quick, this killer is facecamping!
by deathmetalapocalypse September 27, 2018
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The act of hooking a survivor in Dead by Daylight, and then staring at them until they die.
In the case that the survivor is unhooked by a teammate, the Killer will usually tunnel them and hook them again, continuing to facecamp if it is the survivor's second hook.
Shit, the Killer is facecamping me!
by themashtyx May 18, 2023
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