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Spending quality time with a friend or companion but staying home instead of going out.
Mark and Darcy opted for cuddling up with a Redbox movie and hanging in instead of going clubbing.
by thekidcomesback July 13, 2011

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Extra sensory TWIN perception: an uncanny perceptual ability between identical twins which allows them a very unfair advantage playing as a team in board games.
After Alissa and Darci used their ES-twin-P to wipe out the rest of the group in Cranium, we all decided to skip playing Pictionary.
by thekidcomesback July 15, 2011

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A particular form of empathy that can only be produced by females. All male attempts at empathy come across as shallow gestures in comparison.
When their friend's parakeet died, Mark's bouquet of flowers and dinner invitation to their friend were like a cheap greeting card in comparison to Darci's fempathy.
by thekidcomesback July 17, 2011

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Term used to describe an ass who gloats about being the "master" of some skill or game.
Ralph: Dude, I just owned you in that game of Pokemon! You will never beat me. I am the master!

Mark: I have to hand it to you, Ralph, you are a true asstmer indeed! Now get the hell out of my house before I pound your butt . . . but leave your Chickorita card. She rocks!
by thekidcomesback July 16, 2011

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To remove a person or thing from a previously bestowed appointment, entitlement, status, or position.
When Darci wasted part of an iTunes gift card on a crappy download recommendation from Mark, she had to threaten to disappoint him from his official position as "best music recommender friend ever."
by thekidcomesback July 14, 2011

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