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Beautiful, kind, caring, enthusiastic, unique, genius and most of all talented!

Loved by Wills
"Darci is looking great like always"
"There's Darci! Make a good impression!"
by 💕💕💕 October 20, 2013
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tends to speak without thinking..but above all we couldnt live without her. not a man but a woman with an identity crisis
" beth, do you know wut a cherry is?"
by alix-her keeper- October 16, 2004
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The Darcis of the universe are usually pretty chilled, they get fucked around a bit because they just let shit happen. If you ever date a Darci don't fuck it up because there cheeky little arseholes and will raise hell. Usually they don't give a fuck about anything so having one as a good mate is always fun.
"Struth mate you did a real Darci there" "that's something Darci would do"
by Teateabutch June 24, 2018
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Darci is a cute, talented,unique girl who is always happy and ougoing. It's impossible to have the blues around her! She loves to laugh and be silly, no time for drama. She's a Daredevil and and an adventurer who has fun everywhere she goes. Darci is very easy going and was class clown. A great friend to have. But piss her off or disrespect her and you will be sorry! She will make your life miserable in so many thought out ways, Darci won't quit until she gets bored with you. You will wish you had been nicer to her! Darci is a great kisser and lover. Her perfect match is with a Daryl. They are so much alike and have fun everyday!
Oh that Darci, too bad the whole world can't be that entertaining!
by Darcirella October 18, 2018
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