5 definitions by thehypermom

instead of a bromance, straight girls, who are closer than sisters, have relationchicks
Betty & Veronica have been sooo close lately... but I have to wonder how long the relationchick will last.
by thehypermom October 22, 2010
the assorted emails women receive, on dating sites, from men who are far too old/young or live way too far away to be able to actually date.
I checked my e-mail, this morning, but nothing worth replying to, just junk-male
by thehypermom January 31, 2011
The nagging need to keep checking your email/text messages, while waiting for a reply… Until you look, there both is/is not a message waiting.
I really need that reply from the doctor; I don't think he's replied yet, but until I look, I get to have Schroedinger’s Communication Syndrome (SCS)
by thehypermom July 2, 2017
when a woman doesn't know the pad/liner she is wearing has shifted & is now attached to her pubic hair, then pulls down her underwear too quickly, rendering a surprise bald patch.
I'm not sad, I just took an accidental trip to Rio & now my eyes won't stop watering!
by thehypermom June 12, 2017
the study of garlicky cold cuts and deli sandwiches
I know you're into all things dessert, but I'm far more interested in pastronomy.
by thehypermom December 2, 2010