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Any of the live animal-eating douchebags responsible for contributing to the spread of the recent coronavirus from Wuhan, China.
Person 1: Did you see that video on Youtube of the girl who ate a live octopus. Apparently, she also filmed herself eating CAT MEAT.
Person 2: Oh her? I saw her disgusting content. How is that asmr cunt not demonetized yet?
by theemokidfromhighschool November 29, 2020
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A Japanese reality TV show in which participants share a house with each other and have their not-so interesting lives filmed at times. Although some of the young adults participating in Terrace House can be decent people, it is common for some participants to use their time in the house as an opportunity to advertise their small shops, promote their careers, and/or gain new followers for their Instagram pages. Also a 'reality TV' show that attracts selfish players and divas.
Person 1: Have you watched Terrace House before? I heard it's very realistic and unscripted. Is that true?
Person 2: Yeah, the interactions and scenes in Terrace House are 'totally authentic'.
by theemokidfromhighschool December 06, 2020
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