16 definitions by thecanadianninja

When some Person shits in a bag and chucks it off éther a plane or a bridge on peaples heads.
by thecanadianninja September 07, 2018
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A crazy millionaire who became president and is pissing everyone. Also will most likely start world war 3.
Donald trump is a fucking as hole.
by thecanadianninja May 31, 2018
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number 15 burger King foot letuce what the last thing You wnat in tour burger King meal Is someones foot fungus
burger king foot letuce
by thecanadianninja September 21, 2018
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KFC also known as Kentucky Fried chicken secret formula is children. So technically it should be renamed Kentucky Fried children.
Dude I saw cernal sanders kill a child in kfc and made food out of it
by thecanadianninja December 20, 2019
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