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Oxford ct, known for its rolling hills, beautiful valleys, stunning landscape and aging farms. Oxford is a small rural town nestled comfortably between the Housatonic River and the town of Nagatuck, CT. Though hilly and over 600' above sea level, Oxford is considered part of the Naugatuck Valley area and part of New Haven County. Oxford was a quaint, sleepy little town until Greedy Developers took it over.It is not uncommon these days to drive up a picturesque winding country road looking at the open pastures of a dairy farm, watching the local people tending to their Maple Syrup making and then suddenly find your self looking at a HUGE, totally out of place Mac mansion that has no place in a small quiet urban location where the houses around it are from the 1930's or earlier and are 2 - 3 bedroom homes. Also, theres been an up sweep of "gated" communities popping up as well, why the gates? afraid the locals your upsetting by building your "My Penis is too small so I built a large one shaped like a house" Homes might turn around in your $10,000.00 driveway? City folks claiming to "move out to the country to get away from it all" come here and make it as busy, noisy, crowded and unattractive as the cities they left!
Oxford, ct is a nice little town until you notice how many big houses there are up in the woods... who does that? what moron rich person builds a giant, 6 bedroom house on 2.5 acres in the middle of the woods?
by the_real_zacker March 19, 2012
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A place where a man's (or Woman's) spirit is crushed down to its very core on a daily basis. A place one is forced to go every day, Monday to Friday and sometimes on Saturday to receive massive doses of soul robbing, spirit breaking, mind numbing torture, mostly at the hands of the Gestapo like, dimwitted, mentally handicapped, henchmen who are easily fooled by the Gods of Business and Captains of Industry. Work can also be used as a means of punishment for being a law abiding member of a society who's upper class feel they must look down upon anyone who has to work for a living. If it weren't for the Working man, the upper class would need to wipe their own asses and thats not cool
Ted: Hey Bill, it's been a long time. Man you look aweful whats going on, are you sick?

Bill: No Ted. I just got off work. Please kill me, kill me now!
by the_real_zacker May 10, 2012
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The caps that old men (Pappys) wear. You can tell if the car infront of you is going to be a pain in the butt if the driver is wearing one.
Hey man, dont let this car get infront of you, the driver is wearing a Pappy Cap!
by the_real_zacker July 18, 2012
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United States Congress Woman Frederica Wilson (D) Florida.
Congress woman Wilson is nothing but an Empty Barrel.
by the_real_zacker October 20, 2017
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