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A genuine, authentic and ambitious fierce person who is strong willed, friendly, cordial and even shy somewhat. Frederica's tend to be more empathetic and commonly Capricorns. Additionally, they handle themselves with grace and dedication and are poised most of the time. They stand up for the people they love and for their believes. Fredericas are also intelligent people who although dislike the company of homework, does them because they seek to constantly improve themselves. They tend to be easily stressed but posses the bigest, prettiest, cutest genuine smile ever. They make great best friends as well as they are fun and often funny although studious. They are rarely very sly at times and Slightly cunning but not too mischevious. There are almost never a dull moment in relationships with most Fredericas.
Her; Hi im frederica! Nice to meet you
Him: *smile intensifies*
by BestDefiner227 September 16, 2016
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