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A small,overpopulated town in Connecticut. Established in 1701 as a farming community, it was transformed instead to a serious milling and rubber manufacturing town during the Industrial Age. In 1890 Goodyear Company was established in this town. In the 1900s all the way to the early 1980s, many other manufacturing establishments specializing in chemicals, metals, shoes, candy and technology developed. However, the rich elite had a different approach on how to make better profits.They either closed up their business or packed up and moved elsewhere. The town was left only to hit on hard times and the result was mainly empty buildings, poorly maintained roads, and a polluted Naugatuck River. From the 1980s to present day, Naugatuck,from its problems it had indured in the past, has become a town with: very wierd politics that only give empty promises, businesses that have grand openings but then close within a year due to the rents being too high, a very extreme blend of citizens who either have a big house on a Cul de Sac to renters who only survive on Section 8. And of course a struggling Education System that is not properly funded with too many children to a classroom.
You can always tell you're in Naugatuck because you can smell it.
by screamingbuthole October 30, 2009
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a small town in Connecticut were most of the population is hobos, Naugatuck is a smelly poorly ran town that used to be known for making shoes. But after the shoe company went out of business they dumped all of the toxic waste into the river aka the lovely Naugatuck River.
by Lyn.M February 20, 2008
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