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1. The female version of butt buddies

2. Two females who are rarely seen apart from each other
You: Tatiana and Sara are always together!
Timmy: Yea they are so Snatch Buddies
by theIZ May 23, 2010
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1. Jacuzzi bubbles made out of semen

A Jacuzzi Cubble* can be produced when two or more gay males are in a jacuzzi, and they ejaculate in the water. Any bubbles that rise to the surface thereafter are referred to as Cubbles, seeing as they are now tainted with semen.

*The word Cubble mixes the word CUM and the word BUBBLE
Timmy and Eric were having a nice time fucking each others ass in the jacuzzi, when suddenly Eric came in Timmy's asshole. The semen escaped and floated to the surface making many Jacuzzi Cubbles.
by theIZ May 23, 2010
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