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Many people consider this the most crime infested neighbourhood in Toronto, the drug dealers and gangs have leaked out to all directions of these streets for quite a while, it is comparable to some parts of LA or Chicago in '86. However there are still many phonies and doushbags who use the name of the neighbourhood to scare ppl when they have no back
"My buddies went to jane and shepherd to fight some guys and they got jumped by 26 nigs"
by the angry mexican December 13, 2004

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Pointless spelling of sexy(<---notice the Y it's there for a reason). Indicates that whatever you are describing is sexually attractive to you and you would like to have intercourse with it. Therefore, stating that an inanimate object is sexi(y) means you want to have sex with it.
That civic is sexi! Hey anyone gotta condom? I'm gunna stick my wang in the exhaust pipe.
by the angry mexican November 20, 2005

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Small country in eastern europe that was like all the slavic countries occupied by the soviets. They gained their independance and now proceed to hate Russia along with the rest of eastern europe. Very nice country with educated people and a crazy murder rate.
Lithuania dislikes Russia for legitimate reasons.
by the angry mexican October 16, 2005

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Located in west end Toronto, the Jane strip runs from St.Clair and Jane in York, up north into North York. It is not only restricted to Jane street itself but nearby parallel streets and areas like Black Creek, Finch, Sheppard and Weston. Jane below St. Clair, where it is seperated by the Canadian Pacific is generally not considered to be part of the Jane strip.
Jane park plaza is on the Jane strip.
by the angry mexican October 16, 2005

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A gang burn using a quarter placed mostly on a part of the arm. The burn leaves an imprint of the picture on the quarter. It's used for many reasons in many gangs. In some a member will receive burns from smaller peices of change to signify accomplishments and work up to a quarter. It's often done with change from the gang's country.
As a quarter burn, a certain Chicago based gang uses the american 50 cent peice to show the member is an OG.
by the angry mexican October 16, 2005

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actually stands for gorilla unit NOT guerilla unit because "fiddy" think hes clever when in reality he is a media whore who gets a very small percentage of the money his music and overpriced clothing is making because hes too dumb to read contracts before he signs them and therefore gets screwed
white educated lawyer:hey fiddy sign this legal waiver joint here and all the biznatches will think you're fly
fiddy:yeye fo sho g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g...
white educated lawyer: stop that
fiddy: sorry
by the angry mexican December 02, 2004

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Area of high park in Toronto, is a bad area in terms of poverty and crackheads but all the gangs are paki pride and aren't half as tuff as they wanna be, they don't hold shit to the Jane strip
Pers 1 " I'm goin to Parkdale to beat on some crackheads :

pers 2 " Better bring a gas mask, those pakis smell like sweaty ballsack"
by the angry mexican December 13, 2004

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