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A man that was compared to Jesus Christ. The difference between The Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ is that Jesus did not kill or murder, prevent freedom of spirit, prevent free will, rob caravans, steal other peoples religions, make stuff up, force religious conversions, fight in wars, allow rapes and beatings to happen, Jesus did not say it was o.k for men to marry as many women as they wanted to and Jesus did not say that in heaven you will get layed by 77 virgins etc
Jesus Christ was a pacifist that fought with love, while The Prophet Muhammad was a war-monger who fought with hate, vengeance and bloodshed to achieve his goals.

Jesus Christ believed it's up to a person's spirit whether they accept God, not a government or militia or man.

Muslims say PBUH Peace Be Upon Him, Cos The Prophet Muhammad was constantly at War.

The Prophet Muhammad is buried in a multi-million dollar grave site covered in gold despite the fact that this is hypocritical against Islam.
by The Moody Poet August 16, 2007

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Much like superman or superwoman a super slut goes well and beyond a normal slut! A super slut does super sexual things with their super mouth and other various super holes.

A super slut wont stop fucking or being fucked or performing any sexual act for pro-longed periods of time.
The Happy Valley Campers knew that this was no ordinary slut, this was a super slut.

"It's a job for super slut!"

"Hey is it a bird?""Is it a plane?""No!""It's super slut!"

We really should rent a movie called Super Sluts, apparently someone from graduation is in it!
by The Moody Poet August 06, 2006

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Osama bin Laden is an Islamic Fundamentalist and a Militant Islamist that was born Usâmah bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Lâdin on March 10 1957 to a wealthy family in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and in Arabic it means, place of gardens and trees.

Osama is wanted by the FBI with involvement in terrorism and bombings all over the world. Osama is on the Most Wanted Top 10 Fugitive List for:

==(1998)== U.S. embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Nairobi and Kenya. 257 people were killed and over 4,000 people injured.
==(2000)== USS Cole Ship suicide bombing where 17 sailors were killed and 39 others were injured.
==(2001)== 9/11 attacks on the U.S killing 2,986 people.
4. (2002) Bali nightclub bombings killing 202 people and injuring 209 other people.
5. (2004) Madrid Bombings killed 191 people and wounded over 1700 other people.
6. (2005) 3 Hotels frequented by westerners bombed killing 60 people and injuring 115 others.

The list goes on and on...

Osama's father married 22 times and is estimated to have around 55 children with Osama being born the 17th child. Osama's father ironically died in a plane crash in 1967, and control then passed to Osama's half brother Salem who married an English art student, Caroline Carey.

Osama's families have disowned Osama officially in 1994 under pressure from the Saudi government. Although it has been said that Osama has contacted some of his family who have also been caught out funneling money to al-Qaeda terrorist organizations.

Osama spoke out at the Saudi government who then stripped Osama of his Saudi citizenship. However part of his family still supports Osama and their wealth is immense in funding his operations. Osama's first wife, Najwa Ghanem is Osama's first cousin and his mother's niece. Osama has many children to different wives who are all wealthy and supportive.

Osama is the founder of al-Qaeda a terrorists group that splinters all over the world with a basis of causing mass destruction and death to westerners or anyone that is not Muslim.

Osama is seen as a hero in the Muslim and Islamic world for standing up to America, United Kingdom and other supporters. Osama wants the world to fall under one system based under the Qur'an. Where political, legal, economic and social values are all based off the plagiarised writings of The Prophet Muhammad. See Mecca-Cola for more Islamic thieving!

Osama believes that all Christian Churches, Jewish Temples must all be bombed and desecrated. Osama believes that everyone must convert to Muslim or die.

Osama believes it's his divine calling to destroy anything from the west, including buildings and people. See Anti-Christ or mark of the beast.

Maybe next time when Osama or Muslim's get the urge to cause destruction amongst the west it would be a good idea to return the favor and blow up the Dome of the Rock and see how Muslims like it? See Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement and support tearing down their evil that is plaguing our world. See refugees.
"Let's all help the Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement return the 9/11 favor!"

"It's time to stand up and give those murdering Islamic incestuous bastards, Osama bin Laden, a taste of their own medicine!"

Stop immigration of the mud nations and help the Temple Mount Faithful Movement dig those satanic dogs into the ground!"
by The Moody Poet September 07, 2006

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Emotionally raped is a person who feels absolutely violated, mistreated and abused in a non-physical contact manner. Its the improper treatment that stirs the soul into a breakdown mode.

To force someone in such a hostile manner by oral conversation to comply with what they want without considering the feelings or emotions of that person.

An overly emotional person who takes everything to heart.
I spoke with the electricity company and felt emotionally raped after the conversation they had with me. They spoke down to me in such a way that I felt they had emotionally raped me and even put that in my complaint.

The way he treated me on the phone I felt emotionally raped!

Stop it you fuck'n cunt! Your emotionally raping me!
by The Moody Poet August 06, 2006

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To want celebrity status at any cost i.e. cosmetic surgery, sleeping around, hosting parties, releasing fashion n perfume lines, cat fight's, releasing music labels etc

To do anything, as long as people's tongues are wagging about you.

To be beautiful at any cost, even bankrupting yourself for those perfect set of titties.

To be the ultimate slut. See Hollywood Slut Syndrome or Jaspers Syndrome.

To have an addiction to beauty in such a way that a person is constantly getting their hair done, make-up, facials, cosmetic surgery, massages, gym etc that you never have any time for yourself, friends or family.

When beauty takes up 120% of your time.
I woke up this morning at around 2pm in the afternoon and didn't know who to sleep with! I totally had Paris Hilton Syndrome!!! H - E - L - P!

I have been at the beauty clinic for the past 5 years having everything from nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast enlargements.... I think I have Paris Hilton Syndrome!!!
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by The Moody Poet October 09, 2006

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A Dhimmi is a word used by Muslims to describe a Christian or a Jew, and most recently people who do not follow Islam but live in an Islamic country or another country that does not follow Islam.

Dhimmi's in past centuries who lived under a Muslim dominated country lost most of their legal rights and privileges if they did not convert to Islam. Dhimmi’s were also targeted and preyed upon because they were not allowed to testify in courts against Muslims, like Islamic or Sharia courts of today. It made Dhimmi’s easy targets and added incentives for them to hurry up and convert to Islam, or suffer until they do.

Dhimmi's have to pay Jizya a tax for practicing their religion. In other words Islam uses the method of Dhimmi and Jizya to force Islamic conversions when they slowly take over a country.
"Excuse me Sir, yes you on the camel, are you Dhimmi?

"No not me I can't afford it, I'm Muslim!"

"Hey you on the donkey are you Dhimmi?"

"No not I, why would I?" "I would lose my rights as a person and have to pay higher taxes." "No I'm Muslim."
by The Moody Poet December 10, 2006

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A woman who drank everyone under the table in Hollywood! Liza could of probably drunk half of Russia under the table with the way she guzzled her booze.

Liza is a bit like her mum Judy Garland, minus the hanging out of Hotel windows threatening to commit suicide.

Liza popped pills like tic-tac's but gave great performances again and again and again!!!

Liza daughter of Judy Garland and film director Vince Minenelli has won an Academy Award, The Tony, The Emmy and The Grammy!!! And that's something pretty special to pull off!

Liza married about four guys, none of them lasted of course, and she never had any kids. O.K her first husband was gay, Peter Allen who died of an AIDS related illness, but apart from that whether it was the exhausting routines, the drugs, the booze, the nights smashed off her face laying in back alley's, she was never able to have any natural children of her own.
"I think that's Liza Minnelli's head smacking against the theatre exit door?" "Somebody go out and give the poor bitch some uppers, she's on in 5 minutes!"

"Wow!" "That was a great performance!" "Yes, and she wasn't even liquered up!"
by The Moody Poet August 23, 2006

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