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One of the larger trends that YouTube has seen recently, Shitpost Status videos have gone through several phases at this point. This will be describing the 4 main phases of the Shitpost Status trend.

1. The original trend were just really short videos ranging from 0:02-0:30 in length, usually showing some really random and sometimes slightly funny memes. They often were very random and about 60 were uploaded a day by various channels looking to do some quick Trend Hopping,

2. The 2nd phase of the trend was where people would take snippets of a political cartoon called "So Sorry," and post them on YouTube with Tokyo Ghoul's "Renewal" playing over them. The clips were now longer, about 1:30-2:00, and out of context to the point where they could be considered funny. About 50 were uploaded a day.

3. The 3rd phase of the trend was where the YouTube video would have a very suspicious anime thumbnail, typically showing an anime girl in a frame that took on an erotic setting. Some thumbnails at the time outright used hentai pictures of anime girls getting fucked or with semen in large portions on their face or body. The actual video would now decrease to about 0:30-1:00 and have nothing to do with the thumbnail. This was also a trend shift to typically include the father character from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs/Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 launching nuclear weapons to destroy anime characters. about 30 videos are posted per day now.
4. The 4th and final phase of the Shitpost Status trend is now very recent, probably starting around January 5th, 2020. These most recent trends now almost always have extremely erotic anime thumbnails and now follow those with clipping of anime scenes, sometimes being normal anime discussions, sometimes being anime sex scenes. These videos now often have the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs father launching nukes to kill the anime characters with random sound effects playing over the video as well. These videos have grown to be about 1:00-1:30 now, but the trend is slowing down finally. Only about 20 videos are posted each day now.

Me: "Jeez look at all these Shitpost Status videos! I wonder how long its gonna take for the trend to die."
My friend: "this is one long ass trend on YT"
Me: "ikr"
by that_nigga_on_wall_street January 08, 2021

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A huge minecraft YouTuber who got over 15 million subscribers in only about 1 1/2 years and is well known for his minecraft speedrunning records and various minecraft challenges, the most famous of which are the Minecraft Manhunt series.
Bob: Yo Jimmy have u seen Dream's latest video
Jimmy: Naw is it good?
Bob: I'm not gonna spoil it but its crazy i'll tell u that
by that_nigga_on_wall_street January 07, 2021

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A really recent YouTube trend that started about a week ago where you take a random famous internet image (for example, the grub hub guy) and you put the audio clip of someone listing off bit values, starting at 64 bits, then 32 bits, after that, 16 bits, 8 bits, then 4 bits, 2 bits, 1 bit, and finally half bit and quarter bit. The image meanwhile gets more and more pixelated and the voice gets more and more distorted.
Me: god damn look at all these 64 bits videos being uploaded
Friend: its Shitpost Status all over again
*starts running*
by that_nigga_on_wall_street January 18, 2021

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shortened version of rule 34, which states that there will always be pornography of something as long as it exists
Jesus Christ what is this r34 bullshit I keep finding
by that_nigga_on_wall_street April 16, 2021

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The OG version of Minecraft, made for Windows, Mac, and like some other OS but like no on cares. It more for people who like the technical side of Minecraft, like datapacks and advanced functions. Its usually behind Minecraft Bedrock Edition in terms of updates and if generally considered to be less laggy on servers and better in terms of movement and visuals.
Me: Yo what minecraft edition u play on bro
My Friend: Minecraft Java Edition bruh I like writing mods and datapacks for server maps
Me: k that's cool
by that_nigga_on_wall_street January 10, 2021

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A great mobile game that everyone should play where you building vehicles for an immortal pig to try and complete the level task. Unfortunately, it has been remove from some app distribution companies for some reason.
Person #1: Yo what's Bad Piggies
by that_nigga_on_wall_street January 06, 2021

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There's 2 types of Malvertisements:

1. Really dumb ads on random insecure websites targeted at some oddly specific people,
2. Really pushy ads on random insecure websites targeted at unsuspecting people,
Example 1: Buster was scrolling through his favorite social media website and was getting kind of annoyed and all the stupids ads that were like "PROFESSIONAL DOCTOR PLEADS YOU THROW THIS FOOD AWAY" with a picture of a raw egg in a plastic bag. He wasn't stupid, so he knew that this was a malvertisement and that he was gonna get scammed if he clicked the ad.

Example 2: Tom was researching a few pictures on some kinda of historical event when he suddenly clicked on the wrong link and was sent to this really shady looking website called "notAvirus.com" that looked like it was made in the 1990s. Right away, 2 notifications popped up at the bottom of the page, saying "Norton VPN+ needs update!!" and "Hot singles in your area want to meet you ;)" Tom snorted and was like "hah lmao I dont even have a VPN and hot singles definitely dont want to meet me, since they're actually creepy 40 year old men who live in dark musty apartments and will kidnap you and sell you on the Dark Web for a few dollars. Good try, malware programmers, but I won't fall for your malvertisements!"
by that_nigga_on_wall_street January 07, 2021

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