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A thick fluid that is ejected from the depths of a man's slut monkey into the throat of another, which automatically gives meaning to the term. This is usually accomplished directly from male penis to female throat.
Alright Jane, lip lock my slut monkey and get ready for my throat yogurt!
by thadelus January 29, 2009
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This is a practice or art conducted by many females (usu. loose or slutty in nature) that dedicate themselves to perfecting and creating new ways to perform a blow job. This art is conducted usu. on a daily basis and involves fluids from the female's cunt mumbler or saliva.
I can tell by the way she sucks on that lollipop that she is highly skilled in the art of Slob Knobbery.
by thadelus January 30, 2009
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A term that refers to a man's penis with the added reputation of being in the ass, hands, pussy, or mouths of a female slut(s). Due to it's popularity, one's "slut monkey" is frequented by sluts, and is never at rest.
"Trust me Jane, there is nothing to fear from my slut monkey - it's friendly!...", said John. Believing his words, Jane started to direct it into her already juiced cunt.
by thadelus January 30, 2009
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This can refer to the thick fluids hurled from a male penis (or slut monkey) at the end of sexual excitement; also commonly called semen, cum, throat yogurt, or sperm. Minor differences can occur such as the color and thickness.
Sorry lady, I was trying to aim my penis barf away from your hair.
by thadelus January 29, 2009
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This refers to a vagina that undergoes a horrifically extreme orgasm experience has the ability to sound similar to when a female moans deeply during extreme satisfaction. In rare cases, it is mistaken as queefing.
After turning off the vibrator, Jane realized that it was her cunt mumbler that was making noises during her extreme orgasms.
by thadelus January 30, 2009
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