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A powerful shot in the game of foosball. A donkey punch is performed by striking the ball with any player on the 5-man bar and cleanly knocking the ball into the opponent's goal. Many times, the donkey punch is executed immediately after entering the ball in play though the ball entry port, but this is not a requirement of the shot. A classic donkey punch is usually struck with extremely high force, resulting in a loud and satisfying goal. Victim of the donkey punch feel instant humiliation and suffer from low self-esteem immediately following the shot.
"Did you see that? Clint just whopped that team in foosball. He finished the game with a donkey punch right up the gut."
by tgrbld August 27, 2019
A computer virus targeted for Windows-based PCs. Not to be confused with iTunes or Quicktime for Windows. Solidworks disguises itself as a 3D CAD tool, but in reality, is a mechanism for computer glitches and lockups. Scholars believe the virus was created when software engineers in the 1990's attempted to duplicate Pro/Engineer type of software for with Windows OS, but failed.
"Man, my computer is burning hot and have had 3 locks-ups today! My Windows registry is all messed up."

"Looks like you have Solidworks on your computer. You will need to reformat the HDD. Next time, use Pro/E."
by tgrbld January 26, 2017
(noun): The Twin Falls of Virginia.
Alex moved to Virginia from Idaho, but it really doesn't count because he lives in Shenandoah County.
by tgrbld April 4, 2015
(noun): Word used to describe female employees of Costco that are flirtatious and physically attractive. CostHos usually wear tight jeans and work at the check-out stand. It is estimated that 62% of CostHos have sandy blonde hair and are aged between 30-44 years old. A select few CostHos had previous occupations as strippers.
I need to go shopping at Costco.

Wait, don't go before 2:00 PM because the CostHos aren't working until the afternoon.

Hey, let's go to Costco and eat free samples and look at CostHos.
by tgrbld April 4, 2015
(noun): contraction of two entities: “Triathlon” and “douche-bag”. A tri-bag is a human being, male or female, who defines their existence based on the next triathlon or training for a triathlon they will undertake. Tri-bags typically struggle maintaining relationships with other human beings unless they are tri-baggers as well. Hence tri-bags tend to hang out together and compare notes on their “strokes”, “breathing”, and which model of Subaru they will purchase next. Tri-bags are usually fairly easy to spot and identify. Sometimes they are confused with “cross-bags”, their cross-fit counterparts.

Some signs of a tri-bag:

1) Within the first 3 sentences of a conversation they mention that they have or will participate in a triathlon.
2) Ironman logo is prominently tattooed on their one of their calves (it doesn't have to be on the calf but this seems to be the preferred location – look here first)
3) They drive a Subaru (this is probably a 20% chance of being a tri-bag)
4) They drive a Subaru with a “26.2” sticker in the rear window (~74% chance now)
5) They drive a Subaru with a bike racks and a “70.3” or a “140.6” (99% chance – only reason this is not 100% chance is that the person driving the car could be the disgruntled spouse or emotionally neglected teenage child using vehicle).
6) They drive any other vehicle with “70.3” or a “140.6” (>90% chance)

7) Their bicycle cost more than the GDP of Ireland.
I went to John’s party last night. I couldn’t find a place to park; Subarus were ubiquitous in the surrounding area. Once I got inside, it was full of tri-bags taking baby-sips of craft beer and comparing “strokes.”

I really wanted to take up swimming but I could got too annoyed with all the tri-bags at the pool so I became a cross-bag instead.
by tgrbld April 6, 2015