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A phrase used when a person explains the punchline to a joke. A quip first used in Family Guy. While cards, Peter says that aces "go both way", prompting Ted Turner to say "Just like a bisexual!" Michael Eisner responds with "Thank you Ted, that was the joke."
Bob: How do you confuse a blond?
James: I don't know, how?
Bob: Put her in a circular room and tell her to find the corner.
James: Hahah! There isn't a corner in a circular room!
Bob:Thank you Ted, that was the joke.
by tendollarlameo July 03, 2011

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When someone sees the inner beauty of everyone because they know physical appearance can't be helped, but personality can. Due to this, they "see" people for who they really are. A beautiful person can remain beautiful looking to them, however if their personality is ugly, the person with Shallow Hal Goggles will not be interested.

Comes from the movie Shallow Hal, in which Hal is hypnotized to see people for who they are on the inside.

Compare and contrast beer goggles.
Bob: Anthony turned down a date with the hot head cheerleader! Is he stupid?

Alice: No, he just has Shallow Hal Goggles. He's not interested in someone mean and bitchy.
by tendollarlameo July 25, 2011

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A slang term for "queef", when air is emitted from the vagina during or after sexual intercourse, stretching, or exercise. Has a flatulence like noise but no smell.
I was doing the Crane Pose in yoga class when I let out a little poon poof.
by tendollarlameo June 29, 2011

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When a person on a forum or chat room is either extremely excited or angry, they put on caps lock for more than 5 minutes. May also use many exclamation marks, making them an "exclamation whore" in "caps lock mode".
<Samantha1786>: Good god, would you get out of caps lock mode and type like a person who isn't on the internet for the first time in their lives?
by tendollarlameo July 14, 2011

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A phrase used when something shocks you beyond belief.
Have you read that story "Guts" by Chuck Palahniuk? It's ten different kinds of fucked up.
by tendollarlameo July 03, 2011

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