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How somebody on the east coast (such as New York city) might pronounce the phrase, "forget about it".
{Ronald}: Hey Lisa, check out the Statue of Liberty!!!
{Lisa}: Faggetaboudit Ron! I've already dseen it a thousand times!!!
by Telephony June 07, 2013

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A handle (pseudonym) that was used on dial-up BBSs in the late-1980s until approx. the turn of the century. Used on internet BBSs (forums or even fora if you want to be anal about it!) even to this day {early-2013}.

Can also be used to describe a potato that tastes like piss.
Welcome to The Toylet Bowl BBS!

Enter handle: URINE POTATO
Enter password: **********

Login successful!
You have 1440 minutes remaining in this session.


{John}: Martha, this fucking spud tastes like piss!!!
{Martha}: Sorry about that John, you must have gotten a urine potato!
by Telephony January 03, 2013

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What many people erroneously call a concrete truck.

"Concrete" is the rocks & gravel with Portland cement as the binding agent; the "cement" itself is made seperately and is composed primarily from limestone, shale, iron ore, clay, and fly ash.

So there's really no such thing as a cement truck, but there are plenty of concrete trucks.
Hey George! Look at that cement truck across the street! The guy fucked up and is pouring wet cement all over the neighbour's lawn!
by Telephony August 09, 2012

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A very common misspelling of the word, “vacuum"; used most frequently to describe an electrically-powered cleaning device or the vacuum of space. Appears entirely in writing, because it is pronounced the same as the word, “vacuum".
{Craig}: Dave, can you vaccume the hall dear? (yes, Craig & David are F46607s)

{David}: Awww man, isn't it your turn to vaccume? (takes a pair of dikes {the wirecutters, not the other kind!} and snips off the cord)...ummm Craig, this vaccume cleaner's busted!!
by Telephony September 03, 2013

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Another name for urine (pee, potty, tinkle, piddle, piss, töpfchen, etc.)
A urinal is a plumbing fixture used for collecting and then disposing of micturition.
by Telephony August 21, 2013

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A somewhat vulgar slang term for one of those wall-mounted porcelain urinals; the fixture found in men's rooms put there for the sole purpose of collecting and then disposing of micturition (urine).
Hey Josh, wait a sec!
I need to go and use the pisser before we go to the next club!
by Telephony July 08, 2013

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Somebody who is a true-blue total cigarette fiend -- that is, somebody who smokes way, way, WAY too many of these things.

"Destructor" because the act of lighting & smoking a cig quite literally destroys it.
Josh is a total cigarette destructor; he can destroy as many as eighty five of the little fuckers in a single day!
by Telephony February 21, 2013

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