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Alden is a cool dude who's always been there for people no matter what <3 plus they're really cool, funny, and pretty awesome. dude is amazing and cool, and brusef can make people laugh no matter what. they're cool, like conan grey, and also really fashionable. loyal and will fight for you (APPRECIATE IT) so yeah. Have fun with them because it will be fun <3
Alden is my best friend, and a pretty amazing brushef.
by tebytoby<3 May 27, 2022
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this is a person that everyone knows, but isn't friends with. not to be confused with the popular people. like, the person you hear about all the time but never meet them/interact w/ them (just to eventually meet them)
Friend: OH yeah my friend Teby said the same thing!
Rando: Who tf is teby I hear about them from everyone
Friend: oh they're a pretty Common Person
by tebytoby<3 May 29, 2022
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