33 definitions by tdowns

Hoe-verload or hoeverload is an overload from too many hoes. Can be too many hoes on your phone to too many hoes on your jock. Keep your hoes at bay because you dont want to get ho-verloaded.
Damn, nasty hoes all up in your block, its a straight up hoe-verload.
by Tdowns August 09, 2007
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A barrel full of crackers
A Chain of resturaunts full of crackers
lets throw this cracka barrel overboard

damn these old crackas eatin at the fuckin cracker barrel
by Tdowns August 16, 2007
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street term for a ginger.
ginger wears a ball and chain
gingga wears a gold chain.

a real og, original gingga
smoke weed everyday.
yall ginggas cant fuck with my ginggas, pussy ginggas.

by Tdowns August 15, 2007
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To fall too easilly in love like a fool. The person you love will leave too soon making you feel like a madd fool.
A: damn, i could wake up with that girl
B: dude, youl fool in love wit her and shel drop you like a hot sack a crap
by TDowns August 15, 2007
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Its an expression you use when you want or needs something more than just bad.
Hey man call me back cause i need some trees mad bad!
by Tdowns June 08, 2007
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Oh shit, apparently its invigorating cola.. mmm that sounds good
has Ginseng and extra caffeine.
I guess pepsi tried to one-up Coke's coke zero

tastes like reg pepsi for reals
A:Hey try this diet pepsi max,
How is it?

B: its invigorating to the max i guess???
by Tdowns August 17, 2007
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Simmilar to puff puff pass 2DP stands for 2 den pass, den deriving from then. It means You take 2 hits of the weed before passing. Term used in urban areas but not limited too.
Take another hit its 2dp man
by Tdowns August 27, 2007
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