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A prepositional phrase used to emphasize any number of statements. It is used as any other prepositional phrase, such as "i tickled him to death."
in this case being something like, "i tickled him to shit."

It's usage pertains to the complete and total condition of something, be it an event or an object.

I am completely afraid = dude, i'm scared TO SHIT.

My computer is completely broken = my computer short circuited TO SHIT!
Johnny: "Dude!! Be careful with my guitar!! Don't raise it up in the air like that!!"
Eric: "What? Why not?"
Eric subsequently raises the guitar in the air, the guitar hits the ceiling fan, and everything is BROKEN TO SHIT.
by syntheno October 07, 2009

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(adj.) pre - his - stone- ic

A time period long ago, way before you smoked that wicked dank every day.
Eric: "Yo man, remember back in the prehistonic ages, when we were kids and we said we'd never smoke weed?"
Johnny: "H'yea man, we were such narcs back then."
Phil: "Dude I never said anything like that."
by syntheno December 20, 2009

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When a person is hit by an object, or some sort of a collision takes place, and the event is followed by an obscene burp from the victim. The burp is impossibly loud and remarkably intruding. A "burp ass shit" event can take place even when the victim begins to burp obnoxiously before the actual collision takes place.

Although the origin of the phrase comes from this event, popular usage has demeaned it for more contemporary use, resulting in "burp ass shit" recognition for every day, run of the mill, belches. Truly a travesty.
You and your friend are walking down the hall of some municipal building, past a cluster of vending machines, and hear a ridiculous smack, presumably in the event of a collision between the vending machines and a person. The result is an obscenely loud burp ass shit, unexplainable and awesome.
by syntheno October 07, 2009

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a loosely based pun on snoop's song, "sexual eruption"
when the person you're texting wont stfu
aaron: dude i got a new quad today!!

mike: sweet.. (secretly envious)

aaron (3 hours later): .. and if the rear differential locks up then you can just ... (etc)

mike: cool..

aaron (6 hours later): ... and the handlebars are made of stainless steel with real leather and.. (etc)

mike: you having fun with your textual eruption?

..and so on.
by syntheno May 11, 2010

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(Adj.) When the magnitude and quality of the burp exceeds known expectations, and possibly breaks physical boundaries.
Kenny: "Yo Brian, how much grape drank did you take?!"
Brian: Brian's response cannot be translated into physical text due to the burpdiculous content.
by syntheno October 08, 2009

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