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Student form of torture. Tricks kids into thinking they are going to make drugs and bombs, but involves math and more math. Pointless unless you are going to be a chemist.
"Chemistry is the reason why i dropped out and killed my dog"
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
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Gathering of a million hippies to the greatest concert on earth. Preached peace, smoked pot, and smoked more pot. Many well known bands played, like Jimi Hendrix and The Who.
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
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A big athlete with a small ass brain. Usually an arrogant asshole, making everyone feel like nothing. Likes to bone cheerleaders, as well as fellow teammates. Seemingly popular in high school, but goes nowhere after graduation. Ends up either working fast food and/or drunk for a living. The epitome of loser.
Regular: Look at Jim, hes got an STD and failed his senior year. What a dumbass jock.
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
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Someone who smokes alot. Usually a very nice, peaceful person who is harmless. Looked down on society as nothing. They are some of the coolest, chilled out people that you will get the privileged of meeting. Usually are liked by all the groups in school, and has no enemies.
Nerd: Look at Jason, what a stoner.
Athelete: Yea, but he is cool to talk to.
Nerd: true.
by sweetemotion09 May 21, 2007
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