A primordial urban legend on Discord. Athelete is responsible for vile racist slander and menacing other users. Legend has it that he is one of the oldest accounts on Discord, perhaps one of the first 10 accounts ever created on the site.

He tends to join football (soccer) -related servers.

Athelete is believed by some to be a ghost or demonic entity.
Athelete destroyed an entire server overnight.

They say if you listen closely on a voice chat, you can still hear Athelete, screaming into the distance.
by Vaa7 July 13, 2021
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Not to be confused with jocks, who are usually stuck-up idiots. Atheletes are people who are actually concerned about aspects of their lives other than their popularity and their cheerleader girlfriend. Athletes have an 85% better chance at becoming more successful than jocks, who will eventually be the people who clean the toilets at your local gas station. Atheletes, however, run a risk of being converted to jocks if they are on a sports team or group with them for an extended period of time (usually 2-3 years). High school teams usually are 10% athelets and 90% jocks.
Hey, Jackie Robinson was a great athelete! He broke the sports color barrier!
Hey, Michael Vick was a great jock. He fought dogs and lied about it!
by Rather_Large_Wombat March 22, 2008
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Athelete's foot is a fungal condition that makes the skin on your feet redish and irritating
John wants to wear socks all day because he doesn't want anyone to see him with athelete's foot
by Memiac (Youtube channel) May 20, 2022
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