41 definition by susan

front mullet= frullet
long hair on the front (johnny bravo stule) hidden under a hat most of the time these babies are let loose only when the wearer is heavily intoxicated. ie drinking frullet
hot chick: "hey bust out that frullet you big hunk"
frullet wearer busts out his frullet
hot chick: "wow its magnificent, can i touch it?"
by susan September 28, 2003

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The Granby is a very popular gay club, in the UK. Every weekend lesbians and gay men from far afield flock to Reading for a great night out
"Do you like hefty looking women who play rugby and down pints like men?" "I sure do." "Great! Then head off to The Granby this Monday and watch all the dykes dance to trash disco music, while smoking Marlboro Lights and wearing their Primark jeans!"
by Susan January 29, 2005

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a big word big-headed people use instead of the more understandable word, cannibal
These shoes were made by reformed anthropophagi
by Susan October 17, 2003

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A couple made up of a Latina and a Boston dunce who get married for the sole purpose of getting more attention to boost their careers. They also complain about the amount of attention they get because they know that this action will ultimately get them more attention.
I wish I could open a magazine and not see something about the newest bennifer.
by Susan September 14, 2003

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Introvertster is an online anti-social non-networking community that prevents people from ever bothering you while you're online, anti-friendster
what, you want an example? go away.
by Susan November 24, 2003

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1. a short, funny looking kid from middle-of-nowhere, pennsylvania
2. a person who has no friends
3. ugly
Ugh, look at that guy, he's SO james michael!
by Susan April 24, 2005

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The common name of purple flamingoes with identity crises
Scuffy thinks she is a green penguin
by Susan March 07, 2003

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