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When you are mislead to believe you are watching something interesting, then suddenly get a glimpse of rick astley singing "never gonna give you up" which then leads the victim to a disease of curse words and death threats to the one who was doing the Rick Rollin'
Jeff: watch this super cool video!
Kyle: oh you bastard...
Kyle: Screw you!
Jeff: hahaha
Kyle: i'm gonna kill you!
by super leet March 12, 2009

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It's a cross between a goth and an emo.
G.E.M.O's generally tend to not quite hate everyone like goth's would and don't hate themselves as much as an emo would, they're basically the middleman (or woman) between emo's and goth's.
G.E.M.O's tend to group in clusters pretending to be friends though they mostly will end up hating each other but they won't cry about it.

G.E.M.O's contain the ability to turn others into G.E.M.O's (much like emo's turning others into more emo's) Resulting in an MTV look-a-like (sorry FUSE) that they will call "Mainstream"
Should you see a G.E.M.O you should do one of three things: (your choice)
1. Run Away
2. Burn the latest Hollywood Undead Album.
3. Smash their fucking Ipod.
Timmy: Hey man, what's that?
Turbine: I don't know man, they're wearing black clothes...but with bleached hair.
Timmy: Oh Shit it's a G.E.M.O!
Turbine: Should we run?
Timmy:Well it's either that or we try to steal their Ipods..
Turbine: Screw this I'm out of here before they convert us!
Timmy: Yeah you're right...
by super leet March 15, 2009

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Typically two midgets wrestling.
Can vary from cage matches to mud wrestling
Typically the cutest damn type of wrestling you've ever seen.
Timmy went and saw two midget wrestling. He then proceded to hit himself with a hammer
by super leet March 16, 2009

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