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itong putang company nito ay walang bahala sa magandang customers at putang bagal naman at magbababa always, gusto ako magshushutdown ng putangina ito at torture ng workers magbibilis sa lahat.
(bad tagalog)
me: hah magyouyoutube ako
PLDT: *bagal*
me: PUTANGINA!!!!!!!!
by sullyBILLY July 7, 2023
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gay guys open their legs wide and rub eachothers dicks
"man what the fuck i just saw timothy and branden manscissor in that room"
by sullyBILLY August 7, 2023
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See "Beautiful" "Good" "Amazing" "Precious" "Seated at the right hand of the father" "Forever Living"
furry hater: me is hate furry
society: *praising*
by sullyBILLY July 5, 2023
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It is a unkown porn occurence of Roblox, our guess is that what any default customizable avatar looks, and people get attracted to it. Some people search this, like Morgan.
Morgan's dad: What is this? what is this Morgan?
Morgan: (crying)
Morgan's dad: Oh my, Hot Roblox!
by sullyBILLY July 5, 2023
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