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Too long did not read

An acronym used on Internet forums. When someone writes too much in their post, and you simply cannot be bothered with reading it all, you just respond to their post with "TLDNR."
Poster A: (lots of text)

Poster B: tldnr
by stoyq June 28, 2006
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A coin line is a line-up system used in video game arcades; it determines who gets to play next. Coin lines can usually be seen on high-demand games, such as music games (Dance Dance Revolution, beatmaniaIIDX, drummania, etc.) or fighting games. They are typically formed using coins or tokens, although some people may use cards or low-value items (such as a penny or a button); and the coins are placed on a visible part of the arcade game machine itself.

Here are some general coin line etiquette:

1) Obey the coin line! If there are 3 coins on the machine, that means 3 people are waiting in line to play. Put your coin at the end of the coin line and wait for your turn.

2) Do not take other people's coin. You will get yelled at. Also, that is called stealing.

3) Be aware of where you are in the coin line, so that when it comes to your turn, you can play immediately. If it's your turn and you're not around (i.e. you wandered elsewhere), don't be surprised to see your spot taken.

4) ONLY put one coin up at any time. You cannot put 2 coins at the end of the line to play 2 back-to-back games. It is very bad and generally looked down upon if you do that. If you want to play again, put up another coin AFTER you finished a game.

5) If you are currently playing (either just starting or in the middle of the game), DO NOT put up another coin in the coin line. ONLY put another coin in the coin line AFTER you finished your game.

6) If you finished your game and there are no coins in line, you can play again.

7) If there is a coin line, don't try to talk people into letting you go before them. They have been waiting, so can you!

The bottom line is this: If everybody obeys the coin line, then no one will play twice before anyone.

2 people are playing Dance Dance Revolution. There are 3 coins placed on the machine and several people standing around.

Bob and Sally walk into the arcade and decide to play.

Bob: Hey Sally, want to play Dance Dance Revolution?

Sally: Sure, let's go up after these 2 are done.

Bob: Wait, we can't do that! See those 3 coins on the machine? That means there are 3 people before us. We have to obey the coin line. I'll put up our coins. We'll be 4th in line.
by stoyq September 9, 2008
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Jack: Watched DMC yet?
Will: Yea and it sucked! The first one was better!
by stoyq July 11, 2006
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