A drum simulation game in which using drumsticks, you press 5 drum pads and a bass pedal as their corresponding markers reach a red line at the bottom of the screen. As of now, there are 8 arcade versions, or "mixes," of this game.
I think Drummani is harder than Beatmania IIDX.
by dj gs68 May 14, 2003
Possibly the greatest game of all time, unfortunatley only has Japanese songs.
Lacrox: Man, can we go play some Drummania now.
Friend: Dude, all you ever do is play that game, don't you have drums at home anyway?
Lacrox: Yeah, but they don't light up and show videos of cartoon characters dancing to the music.
by Lacrox September 19, 2004
Another game in Konami's Bemani series. The controller is a set of electronic drums made by Yamaha, and probably the most authentic game in the series next to Keyboardmania. Links to Guitar Freaks and used to link to Keyboardmania.
"I can only pass songs rated up to around 30 or so on DrumMania because I'm just that bad at it."
by crono June 29, 2003