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a new breed of sophist, highly trained on rethoric. A Schweepee has the word power to turn a catholic priest in a full blown atheist or vice versa. Keeper of all things dogma, a Schweeps (abreviation) always carries a full library of philosophy, theological, art theory books with intents to persuade the listener into mind fucking chaos. His arch enemy is a Ramalho. A Schweeps is also known to masturbate only to the sound of Bach.
Schweepee:"...According to the most nobel Emanuel Kant I'm going to present you with the ultimate truth, that only I, as God on earth.."
Ramalho:"Shut the fuck up puta! keep your Kunt!"
by stoneydopey August 23, 2007

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normally atributed to a breed of bar fights/martial arts hardcore gamers that enjoy pokemon, zelda and FFVII. An hectorian knows all the facts that freak people out about those games, sometimes he freaks himself out, but enjoys beating a hobo senseless.
hectorian:"i fucking hate this hobo, I'M GOING TO KILL HIM..."
(5 minutes later)
hectorian:"ok my little friends lets trade pokemons!!!"
by stoneydopey August 23, 2007

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When an all teen girl group breed the scene princess look with Killswitch Engage-esque instrumentals and an annoying "I want a pony for my birthday" ranting crying screams.

Lyrics deal with issues such as PMS, loosing one's virginity or virginity itself, ex-boyfriends, kindergarden repressed memories, chocolate fudge ice cream and soap operas, black friday at the local scene clothing store, Mariah Carey's Glitter.
The suffix "core" has spawned music genres such as hardcore, grindcore, metalcore or the as of mid 2000's trendy emocore. It's time for Glittercore to implode the music scene.
by stoneydopey March 02, 2009

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