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a word used to show disbelief about someone.
Person 1: I spent last night with sarah michelle gellar!

Person 2: AW HUMM.

Person 1: It's true!
by stickywulf November 12, 2005

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a lamb kebab bought in the london district defined by zone one and zone two of the london underground.

The word comes from the remarkable resemblance between an elephants leg and the universally accepted sign for a kebab shop in central london and the actual rolls of lamb meat on rotating skewers inside the shops.
a) you want to go for an elephant leg

b) there's an elephant leg shop on the high street.
by stickywulf January 22, 2005

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Stickywulf means: an alias used by internet hackers or who use computers and/or the internet for illegal purposes.

also a person who illegally coppies multimedia for sale and/or personal use.
stop giving me your stickywulf and tell me your real name
by stickywulf January 22, 2005

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a slang term for magic fm, a london fm radio station chosen by bus and taxi drivers for the reason (unknown to most people) that it does the most frequent and most in-detail radio traffic report
all cabbies in london keep it on cab fm
by stickywulf January 22, 2005

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Please also see podestrians since these are the arch enemies of the creativians. There are many similarities between the two one being that they both have two white cords hanging out of their ears howver the creativians pride themselves on the fact that theirs has creative written on them in place of a half eaten apple.
Man those creativians are so much more popular than podestrians
by stickywulf January 26, 2005

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The solely largest evil entity in the universe. It exists to measure how long people will sit in front of a box regretting that they ever clicked "send error report" in the first place.
Windows:"do you want windows to mess up your all your settings and make the next three days of yours living hell by downloading SP 2.141593 ???"

Human:"NO !!!"
by stickywulf June 10, 2005

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the explanation of a word by using the word itself.
What is a tautology?
a tautology.
by stickywulf October 23, 2005

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