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Many liberals are smart people with reasonalbe views(I am not a liberal,however not conservative either.) However, Many retarted teenagers like the ones that go to my school just watch MTV and say, hay Mike Jones hates Bush, that must mean he sucks. These are the people giving liberals a bad name. Liberals and Conservatives need to stop bashing each other and just fucking do something about the world.
MTV Watching Teenager: Dude, Bush sucks even though I don't know anything about him or what he does.
Any teen with a brain: Shut up you gay poser liberal. You make Bush look like an absolute genius.
by stevedawg13 May 18, 2006

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The most awesome band of all time. I'm am a teenager and am one of many kids that realize how important they were in making modern music. However, all of the gay nu-metal kids that go to my school think that the beatles suck because they don't scream about how their girlfriend dumped them.
-The beatles are fucking awesome.
-I hate people that say the beatles suck. They should be tortured, killed, revived, and then tortured and killed again.
by stevedawg13 May 13, 2006

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The St. Louis Cardinals are the greatest baseball franchise is the world. We have the best fans, an awesome new stadium, and Albert Pujols the best player in the game. We are a team rich in history, and going by world series we have 9. Only those bastard yankees can say they have more. Chris Carpenter is one of the best pitchers in all of baseball. And we aren't the cubs!What more can you ask for?
I love living in St. Louis so that I can watch the St. Louis Cardinals kick the cubs ass every year. Sweet!
by stevedawg13 July 28, 2006

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Whoever think this guy doesn't write good books is f***ing retarted. Patriot Games and Rainbow Six are two of the greatest books of all time, and if you don't think so you probably can't read. Either that or you haven't actually read his books.
Tom Clancy is one of the best authors of all time. He also has awesome movies and video games. Tom Clancy Kicks Ass!
by stevedawg13 May 13, 2006

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Hysteria is a very good Muse song. Muse is the greatest band of all time, so how could they not make amazing songs? The bass line in this song is possibly the greatest thing I've ever heard.
Hysteria is amazing. Not Muse's best song but still fucking amazing.
by stevedawg13 October 06, 2006

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Holy Shit! How does the best player in baseball only have one definition and overrated D.J. has two pages. Bullshit! Albert Pujols is by far the best hitter in baseball, not just by his numbers, but his work ethic too. " El Hombre" as we call him in Stl is the best player I have ever seen.
Albert Pujols is the best hitter in baseball and is very underrated first baseman. He is a great baserunner(he has to be to make up for his speed.)Albert Pujols is freaking awesome.
by stevedawg13 July 21, 2006

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24 is the best show of all frekin' time! There is no better time in my life as good as 8 to 9 on mondays.
Jack Bauer would kick Chuck Norris's ass and you know it.24 can single handedly make mondays amazing.
by stevedawg13 May 13, 2006

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