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this has got to be the stupidest shit channel ever. I mean, come on, pre-packaged coolness? what the hell is wrong with kids these days? Whatever happened to sticking it to the man? Where black people had respect, and when white people were... wait... white people are the same. fuck them. Kids that watch MTV think their rebelious and cool, listening to EMO and bands like G-Unit, possibly the worst excuse for music ever. fuck mtv. fuck b.e.t. fuck the music industry in general. stick it to the man.
MTV defines cool, by using slang such as LOL or WURD.
by stan marsh August 17, 2004

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a simple way to tell someone on urbandictionary they try to act smart: keep shit simple.

What the fuck is up with all these long ass definitions? Some of them are copied directly from dictionary.com. if we wanted to see a copy/paste from dictionary.com, we'd go there ourselves fucktarts.
definition of liberal:
*insert block of nonsense here*

KSS idiot.
by stan marsh August 17, 2004

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eric cartman's favorite treat on an offensive TV show called South Park
it appears on comedy central on every wednesday at 9
it is two pop tarts, a stick of melted butter all covered in cocoa powder (a.k.a. your fat) and sugar
mom can you make me a snacky cake? please mom? damnit mom kity is trying to eat my pot pie. well i know a certain kitty who is sleeping with mommy tonight.
by stan marsh July 24, 2004

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