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A popular hairstyle from the 1980's where young ladies would use a whole can of Aqua Net hairspray, along with blowdrying, crimping, and styling hair into monstrously tall bangs. Usually combined with a perm. Also known as fuck me bangs, or mall hair.
"Tina had the tallest mall bangs back in high school."
by spinladen February 25, 2013
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Any meth-amphetamine fueled crime spree.
Last nights ice capades, were dope yo...we mugged some chick, stole a car, slammed it into a wall, and jumped some rich dude.
by spinladen July 28, 2011
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A relatively new breed of hippie/hipster that stereotypically resemble lumberjacks. Essential attire includes, plaid or flannel shirt, tight blue jeans cuffed at the bottom, work boots, trucker hat or coon skin cap, and beard. They prefer acoustic banjo over guitar, and romanticize farming.
The fleet foxes show last night was full of smelly lumberjack hippies.
by spinladen August 08, 2011
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