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A type of hair style for teenage girls popular in the late 1980's and early 1990's. The hair style is characterized by lots of Aqua net hair spray and is sometimes crimped. The bangs are sprayed and then blown with a blow dryer as to stand up on end. Some of the famous people who doned "mall hair" are Tina Yothers, Tiffany, Julia Roberts, Shannen Dougherty, Charlotte Ross, Marissa Tomei and the rock group The Bangles. Most of the popular teen actresses of that era had mall hair at one time or another. Mall hair was very cool to have during that period of time for teenagers, but anyone who kept that style after the fad or when they reached their twenties were looked upon as being very uncool.
That woman would be very attractive is she just got rid of that mall hair.
by Joe Kritchell May 08, 2008
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