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A buzzword used by the media to cause severe civil unrest as a justification for removing our freedom in exchange for “security”.
I scrolled the news today and every single article had Covid-19 in the title. I better take this seriously, because the media would never lie!
by spicycolonkid420 June 02, 2020

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when you dress up normal political behaviour to make it seem like it’s grounds for removal from office, but then it backfires and you don’t get what you want and go home crying.
favour-for-favour is literally the foundation of all politics. this case was a waste of time, as usual. give that man an acquittal!
by spicycolonkid420 January 31, 2020

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The circle of human existence. Blood is the material, fire is the conflict, and death is the result. So has it ever been, and so shall it ever be.
The chain of blood fire death will never be broken as long as man walks this mortal plane, perverting all.
by spicycolonkid420 June 17, 2020

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When you grab a case of beer (any size will do) and hit the back roads without a care in the world. Frowned upon in modern society because fun things are bad.
I wish I was born in the 60s so I could go on drain tour every weekend and nobody would care.
by spicycolonkid420 April 20, 2020

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