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Dirty snow such as that often seen on a road side.
Taff and George were having such fun playing about in the snow until Taff launched a icey ball of grit encrusted snoil.
by Taffy Ian October 05, 2006
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Silly snail snorting in the soil (say it really fast 5 times and soil becomes snoil)
Person 1: OMG I am getting aquarium snoils tommorow!
Person 2: really? I want one.
Person3: WTF are snoils?
by smilesr4free August 24, 2012
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It is a type of slug. It looks like a slug with shell. It quickly rolls around in its shell and occasionally pops out and yells "Unintelligible screaming in Spanish." It can be in mainland Hawaii.
via giphy
by PokarinaOfTime January 23, 2018
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